When you’ve had your own personal real estate experiences and helped others with theirs, you learn what truly matters. There is no reason that buying or selling a home shouldn’t be a pleasant and rewarding undertaking, and that’s our basis for creating our boutique real estate operation.

Our Team

Jackie Byrd and Gary Carter

are Bluebird Realty Partners.

Just two experienced professionals who believe in a personalized approach that is devoted to working with no more than two clients at a time. This is a real estate approach based not on volume, but care and concern for people undertaking a life experience that should be exciting and fulfilling, even fun.

In addition to real estate, our shared background centers on marketing, advertising, communications and branding. For sellers, this means an aggressive, targeted marketing effort that properly positions your home and exposes it to the right buyers. 

For buyers, we use these skills to stay abreast of market conditions, and utilize our knowledge of the local area to identify the best opportunities so that we can capitalize on them to meet your needs.


It’s really pretty simple.

We’re there for you whenever needed, and your success is our ultimate and only objective. Let’s set up a time to talk, and we’ll show you there really is a better way.

We’re Ready to Provide an Elevated Experience

We believe in an elevated real estate experience that always exceeds your expectations. Whether you’re preparing to start the process or just have questions, please connect with us. We’re ready to help.